Community Guidelines

BeFriend is a global community, and we’re committed to creating an online space where individuals can genuinely connect with new people and make new friends, securely and safely. We created these guidelines to make sure every user has a safe and positive experience on BeFriend. Any violation of these guidelines may result in a permanent account ban from BeFriend.

Be Respectful
We have a zero-tolerance policy for offensive content and abusive behavior. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, and inappropriate content are strictly prohibited on BeFriend. We take this policy very seriously and have specific moderation procedures in place for reported users and content. Users are encouraged to help keep BeFriend safe by reporting or blocking users who go against this policy. Reported content will be removed immediately until it is reviewed. Conversations with blocked users will be removed along with any type of profile engagement. If you see someone breaking the rules anywhere on BeFriend, report them using the Block/Report button, and we will take it from there. See the How-To section below for step-by-step instructions for reporting and blocking on BeFriend.

Things That Are NOT Allowed on BeFriend:

  • Pornographic or sexually explicit content
  • Nude, underwear, or suggestive images
  • Promoting violence such as violent acts, guns, knives, or any weapons
  • Gory and graphic images
  • Images that promote any drugs or drug usage
  • Marketplace activity such as premium
  • Snapchat accounts or selling anything of any nature
  • Claiming to send or seek nude images
  • Hate speech or other abusive behavior
  • Any illegal activity or promotion of illegal activity

Sexually Explicit Content
BeFriend has a zero-tolerance policy for users promoting and/or distributing pornographic content. Saving, asking and/or threatening to post explicit content is strictly prohibited.

Spam, bot activity, and deceptive practices are not allowed on BeFriend. To enforce this policy, we do not allow images or links of any kind to be Sent in Direct Messages. Spam and bot-like messages are also flagged to our system and are blocked before they are received by the end-user. Help keep BeFriend safe by reporting users and content that you suspect are spam by tapping “report”. All accounts found violating this guideline will be terminated.

Any attempt to impersonate others is strictly prohibited. This includes any type of deception about who you are, whether it’s lying about your age, your name, using someone else’s photos, and any other type of deception. Help keep BeFriend safe by reporting users who you suspect are pretending to be someone they’re not by tapping “report”. All accounts found violating this guideline will be terminated.

Obey the Law
Illegal activity of any nature is prohibited on BeFriend. Safety is our number one priority. Please do not ever engage in activity or post content of any of the following: threats, drugs, weapons, violence, underage users, sexual services, hate speech, discrimination, impersonation, selling or promoting illegal services. Users are encouraged to use the in-app report button for any suspected underage user who may be wrongfully using BeFriend.

Crisis Text Line
BeFriend is a space for you to be your true self. We encourage all kinds of self-expression and encourage users to have honest and authentic conversations. If you or someone you meet on BeFriend is experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or just needs someone to talk to, text HELLO to 741741 to chat with a live, trained crisis counselor for free 24/7.

You can report / block any account that distributes or promotes inappropriate content, abuse, or spam, or anything else that does not follow our Community Guidelines directly from their profile page. All reports are secure and your information is never shared with the person you are reporting. To report / block someone from their profile page:

  • Tap the report emoji in the bottom right corner of any profile card
  • Tap “Report” or “Block”


  • Tap the report emoji in the top right corner of the chat screen
  • Tap “Report” or “Block”

We would again like to reiterate how important it is for users to report any accounts that violate any of the above guidelines. Your reports are super effective in filtering out any and all content that doesn’t belong on BeFriend.

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